Marriage Prep Coaching

Marriage Preparation Coaching for those who are engaged or considering marriage is an important precursor to a healthy, lasting union.

Our goals:

  • To help prevent marriage and family breakdown by enabling couples to be better prepared for marriage.  In particular, our goal is to help couples become aware of specific areas that may be a challenge to them in their relationship.
  • To provide accurate and helpful information in the following areas:  communication, conflict resolution, family relationships, time and money management, sexuality, commitment and covenant, spiritual relationship.
  • To provide opportunity for couples to understand each other’s family background, perceptions and values.

The format of these sessions will be focused around each couple working together using questions sent to you in advance.  Couples will answer the questions individually, without sharing the answers with each other.  The coaching sessions will provide you with a safe place to share your answers with each other and encourage a healthy dialogue around your responses.

For more details or if you have questions, contact Pastors Bruce or Eva Robinson.